a tune a day is the London based music production company of composer/producer Nick Holywell-Walker.  Nick has been creating music to picture since 1998, both alongside other composers and in his own right.  He has, to date, contributed to more than 300 projects ranging from feature films, commercials, TV drama, documentaries, branding idents, title themes and corporate films.


His understated sense of melody and harmony coupled with a cinematic ear for drama and emotion, allied with his fastidious attention to sonic detail, bring an extra dimension to any picture he is scoring to. As a producer and player he has a command of a wide range of styles and is as comfortable in full-on electronic mode playing with walls of vintage synths as he is picking up a ukulele or playing grand piano - ultimately it is all about the end result and whatever it takes to get it right.


His first adventure in the studio in his early teens  had him instantly hooked, and led him swiftly into more than two decades of sonic exploration, through beatboxes, synthesizers  and samplers through to the infinite possibilities of today's Pro-Tools based studios, with their brain-crinkling array of sound design software.  His obsession with seeking out the very best sampled orchestral libraries knows no bounds and neither does his quest to find the perfect film score piano.  It is his mission to bring you the sum total of all of this tinkering and searching and make the process of scoring your picture a smooth, beautiful and creative one, with as much,  or as little input as you want to have.


Nick is front-man and songwriter for UK band 30,000 Days and spent 11 years on the road as keyboard player and programmer with seminal UK band, Killing Joke. KJ's founder Jaz Coleman encouraged Nick to study orchestration and world music- following which  he spent six years as an in-house composer/ producer with leading London music production company 'The Music Sculptors, kicking off by arranging the BAFTA award winning animated film " The first snow of winter "  for the English Chamber Orchestra and subesequently being offered a long-term role with the ubiquitous Soho based team.


As creative leader of a tune a day, he comes armed with an address book full of world class collaborators, from singers to session players to choirs, orchestras and lunatic nocturnal beat-mongers and sound designers to bring the right qualities to each project.

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